By Elen Evans

STEM Ginger Education

Nature-based projects through English

Author: Elen Evans

Where do you get your water from? If you are as lucky as me, you turn on the tap and there it is. Water is a basic need that is taken for granted in many parts of the world. However, in Tanzania the situation is nowhere near as straightforward. Tanzania is located in East Africa and is home to some 
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CLIL – another buzzword (acronym) in the world of education. But why is there such a debate around CLIL? What exactly is it? And why do many teachers doubt its efficacy? What is CLIL? CLIL = Content Language Integrated Learning. It has been defined in different ways over the years: An approach…that may concern languages; intercultural knowledge, understanding and skills; 
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Going Global with STEM STEM … the buzzword (acronym) of the day. But why? Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths = STEM, and this area of study, is being valued more and more by schools and educators, worldwide. The importance of raising curiosity and interest in STEM, making it accessible across age groups, genders, and other minority groups is also coming 
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