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Environmental Warriors of the Month

Meet the Environmental Warriors of the month!


Earth Warrior

Oli Barber from Cadiz, Spain

Earth Warrior of the month, Oli, went down to the river (Rio San Pedro) near his home and collected river water. Here is a picture of him holding a jar of the river water he collected, which he says he would not drink.

From Oli’s investigations, we learn that water is abundant, even in the dry area of Andalucía. All the same, taps in homes and at school with clean water coming out, are needed to drink and regularly wash hands!

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Fire Warrior

Kuleana Youth Empowerment

From investigations done by children from the Mboni secondary school and Lyakrim secondary school in Tanzania, we learn that water is often collected from quite a distance, from streams and rivers running off Mount Kilimanjaro. Many families don’t have a direct water supply to their homes and have to fetch the water from far away. This puts girls in very vulnerable situations when they go to fetch water.

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Air Warrior

Kuleana Youth Empowerment:

  • Catherine Njau
  • Stephene Makere
  • Joan Stephen
  • Moureen Njau
  • Glory Massawe
  • Jenipher Kayanda
  • Careen Nyange
  • Brian E Mariki
  • Nafutael Ngowi
  • Edger Temu

We have begun 2021 by taking a closer look at something that is so familiar, yet so important to us all: WATER!

WASH (WATER ACCESSIBILITY, SANITATION and HYGIENE) varies so much around the world and this is quite clear from the projects completed by Oli in Spain and the Kuleana Youth Empowerment group in Tanzania.

We can learn so much from each other. Take look at the Environmental Warriors magazine to learn more about WASH in Cadiz, Spain and in Tanzania.