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Environmental Warriors of the Month

Meet the Environmental Warriors of the month!

environmental warriors stem ginger education

Earth Warrior

Mamadou Diarra
Kadiatou Kané
Niancoro Minamba
Kassim Cissé

The Earth Warriors created a fabulous card game aimed at checking knowledge of different animals: amphibians, herbivores, invertebrates, animals that have fins, viviparous, carnivores, vertebrates, reptiles, animals that have wings, mammals. A fun and educational game!

environmental warriors stem ginger education

Fire Warrior

Souleymane Diarra
Lamine Sangaré
Youba Fomba
Meme Sangaré

The Fire Warriors interviewed a neighbour, whose favourite species is the gecko because they need protecting and are super adaptable and interesting: some of them are oviparous, others are viviparous; they can easily cut off their tail to escape danger from predators. Thanks for teaching us about geckos, Fire Warriors 🙂

environmental warriors stem ginger education

Air Warrior

Harouna Diallo
N’Golo Sangaré
Assitan Diabaté
Sabake Oumar Dembelé
Segui Dembelé

The Air warriors this month learned all about the endangered Loxodonta africana. It is a fabulous mammal with wrinkly skin, tusks and big ears and the Air Warriors taught us about how the advantages of these characteristics. This creature is endangered because it is poached and we must help it by protecting it. Thanks for raising our awareness, Air Warriors!