By Elen Evans

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Nature-based projects through English

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Overview of Environmental Warrior Tasks

Instructions overview:

STEM Ginger Education is running free projects: ‘The Environmental Warriors’.  These projects provide opportunities to get in touch with nature, with language and with other people. Children from different countries around the globe are taking part:

  • Do task A, task B, task C and/or task D. Each task requires different amounts of input and output: Task A is simple, task B involves conducting surveys or questionnaires, task C is based on an NGO’s work and task D requires a lot of learner autonomy.
  • Post up findings.
  • Find out about other groups’ projects in the Environmental Warrior’s magazine.
  • Learn about each other: be inquisitive and ask questions in the forum.
  • Let us know about your favourite project and say why you like it.

The four levels of warriors:

Task A: Earth Warrior

·      simple and thought-provoking
·      drawing pictures and writing words/short sentences

Task B: Fire Warrior

·      conducting surveys, interviews, drawing graphs
·      gathering data and/or opinions

Task C: Air Warrior

·      delving deeper into the project topic
·      exploration of work done by environmental organisations

stem ginger education water warrior

Task D: Water Warrior

·      learner autonomy, critical thinking and creativity
·      choose an area of interest to focus on (guidance provided)

Download and submit your projects!

Download Project

Have a look at the different tasks and decide which one(s) you would like to do. To access the tasks, go to the Warrior page of your choice and click on ‘Download the Template’.  You can do all four Warrior tasks if you want to!

Submit Project

Make sure your project looks good, is written in English and is complete. Go to the page of the task that you have chosen to do. When everything is ready and you are happy with it, click on ‘upload’ and submit your fabulous work.

More free content!


Go to the page of the task that you want to know more about and ask each other questions (in English) to find out about each other’s projects and motivations. Learn about the environmental situation in other countries – is it similar to your country?

Past Projects

Request the following 4 projects and complete each task: (Click to access here)

  1. The Power of Plastics
  2. Biodiversity
  3. WASH: Water Accessibility, Sanitation and Hygiene
  4. Entomologists: Interesting Insects