By Elen Evans

STEM Ginger Education

Nature-based projects through English

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a brighter cleaner world in which nature and humans live alongside one another, in a sustainable, respectful way. We see this as a collaborative effort, but a possible and achievable one. A cleaner, brighter future is within reach and, post-pandemic, let’s aim for positive change.

Our Mission

To reach our vision, environmentally aware politicians, doctors, lawyers, shopkeepers, parents etc are needed. As the grown-ups of the future are the children of today, our mission is to raise awareness of the environment, arouse curiosity in STEM and provide opportunities for children around the globe to communicate.

Core Beliefs

Every child is equal, every child deserves opportunities, every child can make a difference and every child is important. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, physical or mental challenges, wealth, STEM Ginger Education wants to provide opportunities for children to work together, reach his or her potential and to achieve.

Pupil Care

We provide support for teachers (via resources, training and consultations) and for students (via a variety of challenges and the Environmental Warriors’ forum). We want children to enjoy the learning experience, feel positive about their abilities, learn and care about each other, as well as feeling cared for.