By Elen Evans

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Nature-based projects through English

Subject learning & teaching through English (CLIL)

CLIL teacher support

Optimise learning while equipping your students with English:

  • Language learning promotes linguistic confidence and competence.
  • Learning through a language that is not one’s own, helps develop critical thinking and cognitive flexibility.
  • The more we know about each other, the more we will care about each other and our planet.
  •  CLIL promotes cross-language and cross-culture communication, developing multilingual interests and attitudes.
  • Increased linguistic confidence is an indispensable tool for future studies and working life.

CLIL support for subject teachers

clil one to one support stem ginger education

Are you a history, art or PE teacher?

Are you required to teach your subject through English?

I will help you to find opportunities to incorporate English into your lessons and to make sure the English being used is accurate and natural.

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CLIL teacher training

clil teacher training stem ginger education

Do you want to learn more about CLIL methodology?

We offer four modules:

  1. CLIL principles and techniques
  2. English in the classroom
  3. Assessment
  4. Cambridge exampreparation (TKT:CLIL)
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