By Elen Evans

STEM Ginger Education

Nature-based projects through English

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Project-based learning, Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT), guided discovery, full immersion … Have you ever wondered what the best learning-teaching method really is? Of course there is no one way to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, and each has its own strengths; in addition, there is no one way to learn, because all learners have their own needs, 
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Climate emergency, environmental disaster, natural catastrophe … this situation can feel hopeless and sometimes leave people feeling like there is nothing significant they can do to help. Yet there is so much we can do and so much we need to do, and we can start with information, intrigue and education. Are you wondering how to get teenagers and young 
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Teaching Science through experiments One of the biggest challenges facing science teachers in secondary schools is how to teach the relatively complex subjects of Physics and Chemistry (difficult enough in L1) to young learners with A1 or A2 levels of English. With this in mind, Roser Nebot (with the support of Jane Kirsch) developed a practical science course for 2nd 
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