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Task A: Earth Warrior

Task A: Earth Warrior

Project of the month

Water & Sanitation

UN Sustainable development Goal 6:
Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

Water is all around us: rivers, lakes, oceans, even puddles and raindrops. Yet despite the overwhelming amount of water on earth, very little of it is suitable for consumption. A person without access to improved drinking water is forced to rely on sources such as surface water, unprotected and possibly contaminated, and for many communities, water sources are usually far from home. It typically falls to women and girls to spend much of their time and energy fetching water, a task which often exposes them to attack from men and even wild animals.

But how difficult can it really be to get hold of potable water? This month, let’s learn about the water near where we live, why we use it, how we get it home and just how clean it really is.

Task A
The Earth Warriors this month will look at water sources near home. You will draw a little map of your area, highlighting water sources, such as rivers/lakes/coasts/even puddles! You will also collect a little bit of water from one of these sources and have a think about what it might contain. Can you see things in it? Would you drink it?

Warriors… Start working!

This task involves just a little English (e.g. drawing a picture, writing a few sentences) and is a simple, thought-provoking activity about the project of the month. Without the need of an in-depth understanding of the science behind it, we will explore the subject matter and learn some related vocabulary.

  • It can be worked on individually or in a group.
  • Teachers can decide how much class time to dedicate.
  • Interdisciplinary work is always encouraged (e.g. English for the writing; Science/Maths for the gathering of data; Art for display and design of information gathered (e.g. posters / information leaflets)).
  • STEM Ginger Education CLIL and/or science teacher support is always available.