By Elen Evans

STEM Ginger Education

Nature-based projects through English

Elen Evans

My name is Elen Evans and I successfully completed my BSc (Hons) undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences in 2017 and went on to found STEM Ginger Education to bridge the gap between subject learning and English language learning. I think the best way of ameliorating the environmental catastrophe we are busy creating is by raising awareness of how possible and easy it is to change things; I think the best way to learn a language is by doing projects, doing tasks, being interested, being curious and having a purpose – STEM Ginger Education combines these, resulting in fun, interactive learning. As our children are the engineers, politicians, artists of the future, let’s work with them!

STEM Ginger Education writes, or finds and develops projects, related to the environment and gives children a purpose for communicating in English. I encourage teachers to implement CLIL methodology in all classrooms because it works with so many of the skills that are invaluable in education, e.g. critical thinking, communication, creativity, cognition. I truly believe global interconnectivity is what is being overlooked as we consider how to improve (even eradicate) climate change. We talk about this ‘global world’ yet nations don’t work together, people don’t understand each other (be it due to language, culture or customs). If the young people of today are encouraged to work together, learn about each other and be curious about differences, the future seems so much brighter and united somehow.

CLIL support is offered to all teachers. I am specialised and experienced in Science and English Language teaching so join me for training and support in the areas you need.